Testimonials – Youngim Kim Arizona Realtor



Overall Very Satisfied! I am absolutely satisfied and confident in working with the winston team. Youngim Kim helped me find a home which featured all of my desires. From the very beginning Kim explained how the process of buying a home would work. I felt confident with each business. I would reference Youngim Kim as


Youngim Winston is a very experienced and savvy real estate agent. She negotiated extremely well and helped us to sell our house and close very quickly. I highly recommend her in the Phoenix area. She is fluent in English and Korean so can serve a need in the community of Phoenix and surrounding metro area.


She will communicate with you until the very end. Awesome realtor! I purchased my house in Glendale, AZ during times of very high demand when there were more cash buyers than loan buyers. Youngim worked diligently with patience to finally get my offer through (with my conventional loan) among all those competing offers. She always


She is a great broker. She works hard. We got what we wanted. Fantastic.


지금까지 두 번 모두 김영임 리얼터를 이용해 집을 샀는데 책임감 있고 모든일을 자기일 처럼 해줍니다. 앞으로도 계속 이 관계를 이어가고 싶습니다.

Jon Sung

Selling a two-decades old house in a lukewarm market is never easy. It gets even harder if you do not live nearby. As remote owners living in northern California, to sell a house 700 miles away in Phoenix area, we definitely needed a pro we could trust. Luckily we found Young who came in to